General Volunteer Questions

Where do I go?

Project WARM is located at 211 W. Monroe St. in South Bend.


What time do I show up?

You should show up at 7:00pm. Please read the “Volunteer Information” page on the menu before you come.

I’ve signed up to volunteer – What does that mean?  What do I do?

Volunteering at Project WARM is a special event for the guests.  When you arrive you get to spend an hour or so with some of the most interesting people of South Bend.  Many times the guests haven’t had an uplifting conversation, or a handshake in some time.  Your role as the volunteer at Project WARM is to be Christ to the guests.  Offer them conversation, prayer, play a game, shake their hand – make them feel human.  The best advice for anyone volunteering at Project WARM is to read James 2 before you come.  James 2:5 states “Listen, my dear brothers and sisters: Has not God chosen those who are poor in the eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him?”

Can I bring my children?

The guests of Project WARM are frequently inebriated, and while it is a safe environment, is not recommended for children.

 Is this a safe environment?

It is a safe environment and the guests are fairly well behaved.  We have three Project WARM employees on staff during the volunteer time to ensure the safety of the volunteers and to help with the guests.  When walking to and from your car you can ask for one of the employees to escort you.

I have some things that I would like to donate where do I take them?

First confirm that what you have is what Project WARM needs.  Check the DONATION page for current needs.  The best way to deliver your items is to drop them off during Project WARM hours which is 8pm to 8am from December 1st until the end of March.  If you have questions on donations or need to get them to us another way please contact Dana Bunch, the Project WARM donations coordinator at dbunch87@hotmail.com


I’ve signed up for food, what should I bring?

See the “Volunteer Information” page at the top of the menu. You should bring a light snack to feed 33 men and yourselves if you want to fellowship with food!  This will cover the guests as well as the employees.  Please keep it simple when bringing food.  Please do not bring an entire meal.

Should I bring my own paper plates, and plastic forks / spoons?

You should bring paper plates or bowls, plastic utensils, napkins and foam cups with your snacks.  Whatever you would need to serve it at the table, bring that.

Can I cook my food at Project WARM?

There are no kitchen facilities at Project WARM.  You should prepare the snack prior to brining it.

Do I need to bring something to drink?

Bottled water is always helpful to bring.  We have cups for the men to drink from the faucets as well.

Project WARM General Questions

Is Project WARM a not for profit, or an organization?  Who is it run by?

Project WARM is an affiliation of Christian churches in the South Bend region that is led by Jesus Christ.  It is not a 501c3 not for profit organization, nor is it an official organization.  It is run by a steering team that consists of representatives of Christian congregations that have partnered with Project WARM financially and through volunteer networks.  The South Bend region is FULL of not for profits and Project WARM is blessed to have organizations that partner very closely and assist.  Hope Ministries manages funding for staffing and partners with Project Warm to give residents who have a passion to give back with job opportunities.

I want to send Project WARM money.  Since you are not a 501c3, and therefore not tax deductible, how can I do this?

Hope Ministries manages the accounts for staffing. They are a 501c3 Christian organization dedicated to mentoring, housing and providing for the physical needs of guests who live there. You may contribute through them for these needs or to them for their own amazing work!

See the “Donations” page on the menu for more details on donations and types of donations.

What does the money go to for Project WARM?

100% of the donations to Project WARM are spent on Project WARM, there are no administrative expenses with this ministry.  The majority of the expenses for Project WARM relate to the labor expense to staff Project WARM and maintain a safe environment.  We partner with Hope Ministries who provides the staff for Project WARM.  Each staff member is a resident of the Hope Ministries program, which also benefits them in creating job skills and responsibilities to grow their talent.  It is an absolutely fantastic partnership and has created a win-win-win situation for all involved.  Other funds are spent in cleaning supplies, some basic food items and toiletries.

There is a lot of work to support these men who are choosing poor behavior, is Project WARM just enabling them?

We see this radically differently.  We see this instead as an opportunity to enable Christians who understand Matthew 25 to share the love of Christ with men who are frequently at the lowest place in their lives.  As men who struggle with addiction and homelessness die each year in South Bend, this is a ministry that attempts to stop that cycle and be a positive influence of change in their lives. Many have never been engaged in healthy community, families and are “stuck”. We invite them to life change by meeting immediate needs, sharing the message of Christ, praying for needs, and relationship. Our goal is to encourage and provide a conduit for them to take the next step. Our preferred next step is Hope Ministries, right next door. See http://www.hopesb.org to learn more. Here they can live, learn and find community, counseling and educational opportunities in a Christian environment.


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