We are blessed to have so many individuals in the region want to donate to Project WARM.  The following items can be donated.

Donations Requested For Project WARM

(MEN’S clothing only. Women’s and children’s items may be donated next door at Hope Ministries. They accept some household items as well.)

Men’s BOOTS! Work boots and winter boots are all greatly needed
Gently used coats, hats, gloves, scarves (Man friendly colors are appreciated 🙂
Socks, underwear, long underwear
Tennis shoes (No dress shoes please.
T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts
Packaged snacks
Toothbrushes and paste, razors and cream, hotel soaps or small bath gel bottles
8 oz. foam cups (used for water at night and coffee in the morning)
Sugar, plastic spoons, paper towels,
Pine Sol for disinfecting mats and floors
Lysol spray cleaner with bleach or equivalent.


Financial Donations:

For Staffing:

Make checks payable to:
Hope Ministries c/o Project WARM
PO Box 4488
South Bend, IN 46634

Cash donations for bulk purchases: (No tax deduction available)

We purchase gloves, foam cups, and underwear in bulk purchases, or may grab sale items when we see a deal. Little bits add up. Funds could go to emergency repairs as well. If you would to contribute in this way, Email Anne Huffman: or drop off money at The Vineyard Church marked “Steve Huffman, Project Warm” (Tax deductions not available for these cash donations) Make checks payable to Anne Huffman.

For any other donation questions please contact Dana Bunch, the Project WARM Donations Coordinator @

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