Project WARM Bible Study

images (14)The Project WARM Bible Study has been an interesting journey for us. Some weeks we have 15, others we have 5. We have been walking through the Gospel of John and a week ago we read, prayed and discussed John 4 – the woman at the well. There was a lot of discussion around the woman, who was so taken by Jesus and his quick discussion that she left her water jar, presumably quite valuable to her, and RAN to tell her village about Jesus. We learn later that many came to know Jesus because of her testimony. At the end of the study I handed them a printout of John 4.

What was cool is one of the guests that attended that morning stopped me over the weekend and mentioned that he really loved that so much that he shared the story of the woman at the well with 8 or 10 other people on the streets and he shared the handout with them.

As I write this I am a little struck that what I perceived as a small Bible study to show how much God loves the guests at Project WARM, is also something that God had plans for as well.

Thank you God for being so much more than we could ever dream.

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