The Sower – A Message at Project WARM

parable of the sowerHere is one of the messages that was given at Project WARM.

Who of you grew up on a farm?  Do you recall seeding season where you took large bags of seed and put them into the seeder?  Did you always get 100% of the seed into the seeder or did some drop on the ground?  I can just imagine a farmer carrying a large bag of seed on his shoulder towards the seeder and seed falling on the path along the way.  What happens to those seeds?  The birds and the squirrels get them and they never take root.
When the field is plowed rocks are taken from the field and placed at the edges.  When the farmer turns toward his field and crosses over those rocks on the edge of the field some of the seed drops into the rocks.  What happens to that seed?  It takes root, but the roots can’t go deep.  The plant shoots up quickly but dies off during the hot sun quickly.
Right next to the rocks there is a spot in the field where it is difficult to harvest but there are no rocks – it’s right off the edge of the field and it is full of weeds.  Seed falls there too.  What happens to that seed.  It takes root and grows but the weeds try to choke out the plant.
Finally the farmer plants the seed in the good soil and the harvest is plentiful.
This is what is happening each night at Project WARM.  Volunteers are spending the day cooking food, praying, and delivering messages much like this to you guests.  We are farmers trying to plant the seed of Jesus Christ in our message to you.  I can imagine that much like the seed I spoke of before we have a similar situation here.
Much like seed dropping on the path and not taking root some of you hear the messages each evening but you ignore it and it doesn’t soak in.
Much like the seed dropping in the rocks some of you love hearing the messages of the volunteers and it takes root, but by the next day it hasn’t changed your life, it just falls and withers away.
I can also imagine that there are men in here tonight that know the Word, know Jesus and His power and love is being choked out by the heroin, alcohol, unforgiveness of others like your father or mother, or thoughts of what you have done to your kids, wife, family and friends.  Sin tries to choke out the seeds that you are hearing every night.
Our goal at Project WARM is to plant our messages in good soil.  We know, because we have seen, that the power of Jesus Christ can RADICALLY change your life.  We have seen it last year and we have seen it this year.  If you believe and desire to be that good soil God can change your life forever.  A few weeks ago one of you asked me if God could really forgive the sins you have done.  Don’t believe me if I just say “Yes”, believe what the Bible says – “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning” Lamentations 3:22-23.  God did not send Jesus to judge you but to save you.
If you want to be that fertile ground, have questions about how to stop those weeds of sin from stealing the harvest or  just need prayer there are volunteers here that would love to pray for you and talk about this with you.

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