Despair Meets Love

images (13)Despair Meets Love


Climbing up an endless stair.
Drowning in a deep despair
They mock me with their ice cold stare.
I only need a friend.

I feel the rain upon my face
My heart; my soul, full of disgrace
To rest my head I have no place
Will someone hear me cry?

See my feet?, They’re black from frost
Can someone see that I am lost?
A pair of socks: what would that cost?
Am I worth your time?

My Children taken ‘way from me
With deep travail my heart does bleed.
Is there one to intercede?
Am I worth your care?

Oh that one would be my friend
And ask me, “How did this begin”?
But NO, they sit and judge my sin!
Have mercy on me please.

Oh that mercy I could feel
For my heart it turns to steel
I long for all my wounds to heal
But I am cast away

In despair I ease my pain
Heart is broken, soul is drained.
Wager now! It is your game!
How long will I yet breathe?

When no one would be my friend,
I looked to heaven again; again.
Nothing ever stirred within
My cold and dying heart.

I see the birds, the sparrows there
Flying, chirping without care
And I cry out in despair
Does Anybody care?

Into darkness then I drifted
Through painful memories I sifted
Then at once my spirit lifted
As if from the dead.
Then I saw her standing there
Was she the answer to my prayer?
Love from her eyes she did share
My spirit dared to hope.
She said to me, “I’ll be your friend.”
I’ll love you back to health again
Beauty will replace your sin
Your friend I’ll always be.

“Who are you?”, I had to say.
People don’t behave this way.
You surely have a game to play
And torment me again!

My heart belongs to God my friend
He gave His life to pay for sin
Now He longs to live within
His love is why I care.

You must know my love is real
I once was broken and could feel
The pain that makes your spirit reel
But I was saved by love
I will hug and hold you close
In my love you’ll find repose
For deep inside my spirit knows
The pain you feel within
The terror of a frightened heart
Rips your tears your soul apart
You push along your shopping cart
To live through just one day.

So know, my friend my love is true
I have come to nourish you
And love you into something new;
A beauty; splendid, fair.

Though your body broken, bruised
Your flesh disfigured and abused
With your heart His love infused
With life and love you’ll glow!

A beauty deep and grander still
His greatest plan you will fulfill.
Like a fountain you will spill
His love upon the poor.
And you will know I’m nothing grand
All I have is from His hand
We all are part of His great plan
We all must learn to love.

And friend when you are strong again
Another soul you will befriend
Another cycle will begin
The broken learn to love!

For in our deepest, darkest pain
We learn to love; that is our gain
To thirsty souls become His rain
And show the face of God.

This poem was given to us by a community member who heard us speak at a community event. It is an amazing poem that fits Project WARM perfectly. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

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