I’m a food volunteer – What do I do?!?!

images (12)Keep it simple. If you don’t know what to make, ask God for an idea. He knows how many will come and what they like!  You will bring a meal ready to serve and completely cooked. There is a large commercial stove ready to use in the kitchen if you want to keep something warm. Wash what you use.

We open at 8:00 p.m., which is a little late for dinner, so making a big extravagant meal is not recommended. Some of the guests will eat at Hope Ministries before coming and may not be hungry. There will be some who are really hungry and some who choose not to eat. You may end up taking home food to freeze, so plan meals that allow for that. Some leftover food can be put in the refrigerator for those who come in very late.  They are blessed to know that there is food if they need it and they enjoy the variety of food our volunteers make.

Bring disposable dinnerware including napkins and take the extra home with you. There is a plug in the kitchen window if you want to keep a crockpot or roaster on until food service starts.

We have coffee, hot chocolate and juice available thanks to a generous donation from Feed the Hungry. As the guests arrive, volunteers can ask the guests if they would like coffee, hot cocoa or a bottle of cider. (Cocoa and cider are in boxes in the store room. You can heat up water for cocoa in the microwave or a pot in the kitchen. Two cups of water and two packets of cocoa make 3 foam cups of cocoa. A glass measuring pitcher is on the top of the stove that you can microwave water in. Heat for 3 minutes. )

It is not necessary to bring bottled water with dinner, since we provide foam cups and a cooler for water is out. (Look for the blue cooler, fill it and put it out on the table with the meal.) If you do bring bottles, send them out with the guests in the morning.

You will arrive around 7:45 and set out your food on the tables in the big room. Volunteers serve the food to the guests. They do not serve themselves. By 7:50, the staff and volunteers should gather for prayer for the evening ahead. Ask for protection, guidance, words to speak, peace and the presence of the Holy Spirit to come to this place.

All volunteers should plan to leave around 9:00. You may leave out what food you want to leave.

Thank you for helping Project WARM be a place of love, personal attention and hospitality!

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