Praise God – Reach Out And Ask!

imagesThis is a guest post from a Project WARM volunteer and a wonderful testimony to the ways in which God’s love is shared at Project WARM.

Met a man tonight at Project WARM that reminded me once again that God loves us unconditionally right where we are in our lives. 

I come away from there each time thanking God for grabbing onto my hand when I called out for help when I was at the end of my rope of addiction. The man placed into my path tonight is at the end of that same rope, Tim is addicted to crack cocaine and alcohol and is sick and tired of living this sort of sick life.

Only because I’ve been an addict can I relate to the pain on the inside of his heart that the smile and light hearted comments from his mouth try to cover up. He wants to get into recovery as soon as possible and was listening to some options that Dana and I were telling him about.

This is his first time of ever being homeless and it is because of drugs, this is his rock bottom and he’s very aware that he cannot rehab on his own and wants to get into Hope Ministries for a second chance at a good, clean life. I assured him that life on the other side of addiction is not only possible, but is a very wonderful, peaceful way to live!

It comes down to reaching out and asking God to help you live!

There was another homeless man at the table and he also had been addicted, but is 7 months clean and is willing to show Tim exactly where to go in the morning to get into a meeting at 6am! I thought this was amazing! The two men bonded within 30 minutes and one was willing to help the other one, no questions, just willing to help and show Tim where to start the process of getting clean! God is amazing at putting us where we need to be!I asked Tim if I could use his name and add him to a prayer list and he said “Yes, Please! I can use all the help I can get right now!” Please add Tim to your prayer list and all of the other men sleeping on the mats at Project WARM and in the streets at night.

Pray that God will keep them safe and warm and unharmed and that they will all know that He loves them unconditionally right where they are!

Thankful to be on this side of addiction and relating to others needing a smile, a kind word, a prayer, a handshake or a hug to get through another day. God has blessed me in ways words cannot explain!


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