Day 1 – Sharing Encouragement

Day 1 ReadingWhen we opened the doors at Project WARM on Day 1 the guests heard prayer before dinner and then about 8:45pm heard John 3:16-17 and then a volunteer read this about our awesome God:

I am a holy God. In me, you will find peace, life and restoration. No place is too dark for me, no light shines brighter than I do. I am over all, in all and through all. I am all powerful. No man can come to me outside of Jesus, my Son. He has been given all authority to pardon your sin so that you can stand before me, clothed in white and righteous. He rose and defeated every dark power so that you could know me again, call on my name and work the wonders the Holy Spirit enables. I’ve got a treasure for you.

Don’t run from me, because you can’t hide. My love is always seeking you. The blood that was shed was to restore our relationship. It was to show you that I’d stop at nothing to draw you to me and so you could feel my arms around you again. You are one of my many sons, but some of you are lost. Some have taken a way that is a false substitute for help. Receive me and know me. I will restore you and build you up into a holy place for my own life, my power to dwell. I will give you authority over every sickness and disease and call you my sons.

As you worship me, the things that you thought mattered will fade away. You and I will be one, and I will give you the mind of Christ. I will put that Spirit in you and fill you with grace, peace, wisdom and understanding as you have never had before. I will show you the riches of my love and grace. Love and healing so deep that it alters your heart and mind. I will make them new. The things that held you captive will have to leave. I will not allow them to stay. You just have to rest in my presence and let the peace of God overtake you. You are loved, my Son, loved beyond measure. I imagined you and when you come to me, when you surrender your will to mine, you will shed your old self like a snake skin and see who you were made to be. I’ll teach you. You are a precious pearl and I have paid the highest price to get you back.

Have you had a better offer in this world? Has anyone ever loved you like that? No one can, because no one is capable of loving you like I can. I’m your Father and I am jealous of the attention that you have given other things over me. I offer you freedom and fullness. I raised Jesus from the dead. You are dead in sin until I breathe new life into you with my Spirit. Jesus’ Spirit will come live in you. It has the power to raise the dead, set captives and prisoners free, heal and love.

If you are ready for new right now, just pray this, “Jesus, I want that. Come, show me the way, forgive me for my sin and make me new. I reject and renounce every evil way and I make you my Lord. Fill me with your Spirit.”

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