Serve Like Jesus – A Guest Post

We get a lot of questions of what it is like to volunteer so we asked one of our volunteers to write a guest post on what Project WARM volunteering means to them. We could not have asked for a better post!

Volunteering for Project Warm has been a great experience for me.  I have also continued my friendships by participating in Project WARM-UP and volunteering at Broadway Christian Parish UMC.   It is wonderful being part of a ministry that leads others to God.  We help serve a need by giving the men a place to sleep and eat, but what we do by becoming their friends is worth so much more.  Watching them change their lives – getting rid of addictions, turning their lives over to God, moving into treatments, etc. is the real goals.

I can say that volunteering for Project Warm has changed my life as well.  I have made some wonderful friends – volunteers and guests through this ministry.  It has given me a new compassion for others.

It has made me strive for better, more real friendships that are pleasing to God.


I am so excited about the coming year.  I have met several men that have became homeless in the last few months.  They are so grateful for a warm place to stay.  They have heard the great things about Project Warm.  Also, I think it is a real testimony that it is continuing on.  A lot of ministries start and then go away after a year.   The men know that people really do care.  That the volunteers did not just do something for one year and forget about them.  Also, I am excited that I have several friends that have never been part of Project Warm and they are going to volunteer this year.  I don’t think a day has gone by in the last several months that I have not mentioned Project Warm somewhere throughout the day.

I know God calls us to help the homeless.  To treat them the way we would want to be treated – better than we would want to be treated.

These men could be our fathers, brothers, sons, or even US.


We have God in our lives.  If we did not – where would we be?  I believe that God will move greatly through this ministry this year.  So many are praying for lives to be changed – and I believe He will be changing even more lives than last year.  Maybe even YOURS!!!

Dana Bunch – 2013

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