Our first week – One Year Ago

We are in a full push to get ready for the 2012-2013 weather amnesty season at Project WARM.  We are getting more and more requests for information and what to expect.  I ran across my notes from a year ago of week 1 – I’m looking forward to week 1 this year.

Week 1 – December 2011

After a few minutes of watching him through the meal I felt I could muster up enough courage to go over to talk to him.  If I couldn’t share my faith with someone who was so intoxicated and would never remember my name, who could I share it with.  It was almost a proving ground for sharing God to a stranger.  Before I could say anything he asked me “Where is my God, and why don’t I hear from him”? While the previous four weeks had been hectic putting all of the plans together to get Project WARM open, this moment was one that God saw coming but I had not.  For the next hour I shared God’s love with Sam and while he may not have remembered everything he and I became acquainted with one another and I think a relationship started.

A year later we are still involved with Sam and tomorrow morning he will attend our Project WARM bible study.

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